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Ayurveda Hotel in the South Tyrolean Dolomites

The knowledge of life

Everything began some 5,000 years ago, at the foot of the Himalayas: a new health doctrine termed Ayurveda was born. “Ayur” as in life, “Veda” as in knowledge.

The traditional Indian are of healing is now considered the oldest health science in the world. At our Ayurveda Hotel in South Tyrol we advise you individually and help body, mind and soul to achieve a harmonious unity.

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In harmony
The simplicity of being

Holistic health is only possible if the so-called doshas, the personality structures of the human being, in harmony with each other: Vata (movement), Pitta (energy) and Kapha (stability).

However, external influences, such as stressful situations, environmental influences, etc., can leave their mark and cause one to feel unbalanced. The Ayurvedic approach ensures physical, mental and spiritual cleansing and a sustainable happy and healthy lifestyle.

You will find a new sense of balance at the Mirabell Dolomites Hotel
  • Individual analysis of the doshas of each guest
  • Individual treatments to evaluate personal needs
  • Advice on nutrition and lifestyle
  • Ayurveda cure: LOGI method can be booked additionally
Ayurveda treatment
Ayurveda Hotel
New lust
for life