A stylish ambience

The art of living beautifully

Life is the combination of a multitude of notes. Quiet and loud. High and low. A polyphony that comes together into a harmonious ensemble. A composition from which a melody emerges. Some tones we hear resonate and touch our souls in a very special way.

There is always a song that is about our life and acts like balm for our soul. Become the composer of your own 5-star wellness time-out at our Mirabell Dolomites Hotel.

Details Ambience Revolving Hotel Mirabell
Hostess welcomes a guest

“People are like musical instruments. Their resonance depends on who touches them”, the Argentine writer C. C. Vigil once said.

The crackling of the fireplace in our lounge area.
The singing of the wine glass on our rotating bar, when it vibrates.
The unspoken tones between the lines of a good conversation.
The genuine hospitality in the Mirabell Dolomites Hotel, which can be felt throughout our house.

Wood furniture Wooden chairs Traditional furniture

Traditional flair meets alpine style.
With a fine sense for quality and special comfort, we focus on cosy homeliness and a luxurious ambience. Whether in the fireplace room, our five unique, rustic parlours with exclusive flair or in the unique rooms and suites – elegance, style and comfort in perfect form will enchant your senses. Open spaces that inspire. Places of retreat that can be enjoyed with eyes both open and closed.

Mountain hike Relaxing in the pool Relax area Yoga
Relax zone

Close your eyes and open your heart to all the delicate sensations, the soft sounds, the inner child. Calm your soul and feel safe and at ease. Practise letting go and the simplicity of just being – in our Aurora SPA & Wellness area. Float towards a sense of freedom, follow the call of the mountains and savour the silence and serenity – outside, in the fabulous Dolomite world and in our fine garden oasis.

Gourmet hotel Wine with food Dessert
Dessert in a glass

Sensual pleasure that caresses the palate. Fine aromas with a harmonious interplay.
Subtle spice that refreshes. The finest ingredients, formed into culinary fireworks. Take a seat in the traditional dining room and in our rustic parlours, which act as a stage for the perfectly presented enjoyment of our award-winning gourmet cuisine.