Discover the treasures of Mirabell´s wine cellar

Dedicated to philosophising

A thousand different scents can be found in a single glass of wine.
And a true range of emotions. Wine is love and is made from love.

Remember: each wine bottle is filled with the passion of the respective winegrower. Each contains a piece of his soul, giving these fine wines their uniqueness.
In short: wine is like a love story that the winemaker composes with the grapes.

“A real connoisseur
does not drink wine
but tastes of its secrets.“
Salvador Dalí

Tasting to gain knowledge

Fruity, floral, spicy, smoky, earthy – tasting wine is an exciting experience for nose, palate and eyes. The colour palette reveals beautiful nuances and leaves room for all unspoken words. We will be happy to advise you on the right choice of wine, individually tailored to your preferences at our hotel with wine cellar in the Dolomites.

When it comes to wine, we can also (re-)serve you a special expert: you can book your private wine tasting with sommelier Michael Agstner! With him as your guide you can go on a journey through the wonderful world of wines. We have some 450 labels from South Tyrol, Italy, Austria, Germany, France and Hungary are stored in our personal treasure trove.

Sommelier Couple enjoys wine at dinner Fish dish with white wine Dessert and wine Afternoon snack with bacon and cheese from South Tyrol Enjoy food Rotatable in hotel

“Follow your heart. And if it leads you directly to our sommelier Michael, then rest assured that he can make almost all your (wine) wishes come true.”
A wine wisdom from the Dolomites

In vino
Aurora butterfly wines

The group movement dedicated to the bio-dynamic production of wines is growing ever larger. In harmony with nature, humans, vine, soil and micro climate, this near-natural viticulture sets a whole new standard for quality.

We would like to give those authentic wines a special stage at our Mirabell Dolomites Hotel, which they have truly earned. They are highlighted in our wine list with the symbol of the Aurora butterfly.

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