Mirabell Golf Club

Hotel with golf club and golf course in Valdaora – Plan de Corones

Small ball, big emotions

A golfer´s facial expression is often anything but descriptive.
A poker face that would not be amiss in Las Vegas. But what remains hidden from outsiders at our hotel with golf course in Valdaora is the true range of emotions behind the facade. Fully concentrated on the moment, finding the balance and maintaining it. Always keeping the target in sight, focusing on the ball and the perfect tee shot.
What a thrill – right up to the familiar “clack” sound when club and ball meet.

Our hotel´s own 3-hole golf course in Valdaora is located directly opposite the hotel and is available to our guests free of charge. The only requirement is the handicap and membership in an international golf club (except for participants in our golf courses). Whether experienced golfer, rookie or beginner – golf becomes the most beautiful sport in the world in front of the breathtaking panorama of the Dolomites.

Golf course in Valdaora
Golf ball Hotel Mirabell
in one
Golf highlights in the Dolomites
Under the Dolomite sun
Mirabell’s golf course

… is characterised by a very private atmosphere – which is ideal for undisturbed improvement of individual aspects of the game, for taking your first relaxed swings and for gaining your course licence during your golf holiday in Val Pusteria. A constant companion: a Dolomite panorama that makes you forget about time, a stream that widens into a small pond and crosses the golf course from north to south and pure nature!

Golf Club Mirabell in Valdaora
Our driving range

… is equipped with a total of ten mat tees, six of which are covered. Five target greens at different distances (up to 150 m) offer golf enthusiasts the opportunity to practice golf with different clubs. The practice facilities for the “short game” with bunkers, chipping green and putting green allow players to hone their skills.

Chipping and putting green

… the 700 m² putting green is ideal for practising putts on straight and rolling surfaces. A chipping green with, among other things, a bunker for practising completes the offer.


… with a length ranging from 120 to 190 m, the three top-maintained par courses are perfect for beginners and advanced players to experience that authentic golf feeling or simply to play in a fun round with friends. The fairways have different levels of difficulty and provide an ideal practice terrain.


… with an area of 300 m², there are three fairways available to you, two of them with three tees, one with two tees. The greens in the fairways challenge you to play some strategic golf with the integrated sand and grass bunkers.

Out of love for sport
Golf Club Mirabell

The affiliated Mirabell Golf Club on Plan de Corones was founded in 2002 and is a regular member of the Italian Golf Association. It is the home club for locals, numerous hotel guests who keep coming back to Valdaora as well as long-distance members. The club’s services include handicap management, an interesting tournament programme on various large courses across South Tyrol as well as attractive green fee conditions for our members on South Tyrolean golf courses, in Austria and on Lake Garda.

Note: handicap and membership in an international golf club are mandatory for the use of the golf course. This does not apply to participants in our courses.

Mirabell Golf Hotel Golf hotel in South Tyrol
Golfclub Mirabell in Valdaora - Game ball
Membership at Golf Club Mirabell

Becoming a member pays off: as a club member, you not only have access to all golf courses worldwide, but also enjoy an exclusive service with numerous benefits.

Our hotel’s own Mirabell Golf Club in the Val Pusteria region offers beginners a cost advantage – no admission fees are due. The handicap, which you can of course catch up on during your holiday, is a prerequisite for membership*.

*Membership refers to the respective calendar year and any cancellation must be made in written form by the end of the year.

First membership

€ 400 + € 100 Italian Golf Federation card (FIG).

Second membership

For members already registered in a golf association.
€ 400

Membership for young people

Up to the age of 18.
€ 70 + € 20 Italian Golf Federation card (FIG).

Membership for students

Up to the age of 24.
€ 100 + € 100 Italian Golf Federation card (FIG).

Distance membership

Prerequisites for distance membership are a minimum distance of 200 km between your place of residence and the Golf Club Mirabell and a handicap test. There is no additional registration fee as in other clubs.

  • For guests at the Mirabell Dolomites Hotel in Valdaora
    € 195 + € 100 Italian Golf Federation card (FIG)
  • Partner distance membership (for 2 people at the same home address)
    € 320 + € 200 Italian Golf Federation card (FIG)

Benefits for distance members

  • Membership in a regular F.I.G. with master handicap management
  • Unlimited playing rights on our 3-hole golf course
  • 20 % discount on green fees at the 9-hole Golf Club Pustertal in Riscone / Brunico (12 km away)
  • Various partner clubs in South Tyrol / Italy and Austria with green fee discounts of up to 30%.
  • Same rights and benefits as our main members
Discover talent
Mirabell’s golf school

At our golf school, PGA-certified pros with years of practical experience will be waiting to teach you the game on a variety of golf courses and guide you to (DGV) handicap

Tips from the pros: four phases to golf success

The Golf Club Mirabell is the ideal golf course to start playing and for all those who want to improve their golfing skills. Progress is divided into four phases: from the first attempts to getting the license to play, through membership in the Golf Club Mirabell up to the handicap.

Phase 1: getting started

The first shots are a fantastic feeling: hitting the ball sixty, seventy or a hundred metres for the first time. Clubs and balls are available at the Mirabell reception. You will soon feel a sense of achievement and feel yourself becoming a golf fan in no time.

Phase 2: handicap course on holiday

If you are already familiar with the balls and clubs, you can also skip phase 1 and register directly for a golf course. With the handicap you will be introduced to the world of golf in a course lasting several days with theory and practice, club, etiquette and rules. Beginners are thus – following the concept of handicap – made ready or suitable for playing on the golf course.

Phase 3: member of the Golf Club Mirabell

With the handicap, you can sign up for a membership at the Golf Club Mirabell and play on any golf course in the world (the Golf Club Mirabell has been a member of the FIG, the association of officially approved golf courses in Italy, since November 2003). As a general rule: a player must be a member of a golf club in order to play on other courses.

Tip: The Golf Club Mirabell offers beginners a cost advantage. No admission fee is charged, as is the case at most courses.

Phase 4: earning a handicap

Membership at the Golf Club Mirabell gives you the opportunity to play with friends on any golf course. If you want to play alone, you will need the handicap. To do this, you will take part in a handicap golf tournament. The aim is not to exceed a certain number of predetermined shots. This number of shots is called your handicap. If you stay below it, you have reached or improved the handicap.

For big and small
Our golf courses

Your golf trainer will teach you everything about the game of golf on a variety of courses, guiding you to the (DGV) handicap while ensuring that you can individually develop and optimise your game. What is more, we also offer children’s and youth courses at our golf school. Far removed from their hectic everyday school life, younger guests can also get their first taste of golfing fun. They have the perfect conditions to get started with our own golf club and the ideal equipment.

Step by step towards a handicap

Our PGA golf pro quickly guides beginners to success and optimises the game of golfers of all levels. The range of courses offers plenty of variety – from individual to group lessons, from taster lessons to handicap courses for the whole family. Our professional golf trainer can give you even more attention in intensive individual lessons. We also offer golf packages for a wonderful golf holiday in South Tyrol.

Golf packages: just a few putts to the hole-in-one!

from 1,515 € per person
Golf Beginners – 7 nights

15.06. - 01.08.2024
04.09. - 13.10.2024
21.10. - 28.10.2024

from 1,515 € per person

from 1,285 € per person
Golf Rookies – 7 nights

15.06. - 01.08.2024
04.09. - 02.10.2024
06.10. - 12.10.2024
21.10. - 28.10.2024

from 1,285 € per person

from 1,335 € per person
Golf Experts – 7 nights

15.06. - 01.08.2024
04.09. - 12.10.2024
21.10. - 28.10.2024

from 1,335 € per person

from 1,415 € per person
Golf Handicap – 7 nights

15.06. - 01.08.2024
04.09. - 12.10.2024
21.10. - 28.10.2024

from 1,415 € per person

Your golf holiday
The Dolomites Golf Region

The golf course of our 5-star golf hotel Mirabell in South Tyrol is at the heart of the golf region of the Val Pusteria Dolomites. Starting from Valdaora you can reach lots of partner clubs during your golf holiday on Plan de Corones:

Golf Club Pustertal

Riscone (Val Pusteria / Plan de Corones) | 9-hole course (Par 33 with 2,690 m) | 12 km away

Golf Club Alta Badia

Corvara (Alta Badia) | 9-hole course (Par 72 with 2,730 m) | 48 km away

Golf Club Dolomiten Golf Osttirol

Lavant near Lienz (East Tyrol / Austria) | 36-hole course | 70 km away

Golf Club in Castelrotto

San Vigilio in Siusi | 18-hole course | 70 km away

Other golf clubs in South Tyrol

Golf Club Lana (9-hole course | 105 km away)
Golf Club Petersberg (18-hole course | 110 km away)
Golf Club Carezza (9-hole course | 110 km away)
Golf Club Mittersill – Austria (18-hole course | 125 km away)
Golf Club Passeier (18-hole course | 130 km away)