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The Indian healing art of Ayurveda teaches that the personality of a child begins to develop in the womb, and can also be influenced by the mother’s emotional state. The baby hears and feels its mother throughout the pregnancy and thus participates directly in everything that happens around it. It is important to consciously enjoy this intimate and intensive time – not always possible in everyday life between all the errands and to-do’s, but you can during your Babymoon in South Tyrol.

Wellness for pregnant women and mothers-to-be in the Dolomites – one of our specialities.
We cater specifically to the needs of pregnant women and parents-to-be: be it birth preparation, special arrangements or Aurora Ayurveda treatments – look forward to your time out, whether alone as a mother-to-be or together with the father-to-be.

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In Ayurveda, special attention is paid to the period before conception, pregnancy, childbirth and the subsequent phase. Indian school of health teaches, among other things, that an insufficient supply of nutrients to the reproductive organs can prevent pregnancy, which is why tissue cleansing and rebuilding, as well as a healthy diet during and after a cleansing procedure, are given great importance.

Three important phases are distinguished in pregnancy, in each of which we offer specific treatment recommendations for your Babymoon in South Tyrol:

Phase 1 of the pregnancy | GW 1 – 15

During the first phase of pregnancy, it is recommended to take it easy.
With a lot of relaxation, avoiding heated substances, balancing exercise (no extreme sports, physical and mental exertion in moderation), cooling, up-building, easily digestible foods, mother and child get the necessary stability for the start of pregnancy. At the beginning, the doshas are in upheaval: menstruation stops, a new phase of life begins and is reflected on a physical and emotional level.

General malaise, such as fatigue, chills, inner restlessness, loss of appetite, vomiting and aversion to smells of all kinds, indicate an excess of Vata. A Kapha imbalance is signalled by heaviness, excess salivation and tightness in the breasts, while excess Pitta can lead to increased irritability.

All the recommendations we give you on wellness holidays during the first phase of pregnancy are aimed at balancing Vata and Pitta.

Phase 2 of the pregnancy | from GW 16

The doshas calm down again and the focus of all functions is now on the growth and building of the dhatus. A nourishing, up-building, powerful diet that provides mother and child with all the necessary building materials is essential. If symptoms such as ravenous appetite, cravings for sweet/sour foods occur, it is an indication of deficiency symptoms that are due to poor nutritional breakdown or anaemia. In both cases, pomegranate, milk with ginger and additional herbs, vitamin and mineral supplements help.

During this phase of pregnancy, starvation and fasting cures as well as cleansing Ayurvedic treatments should be avoided. Exceptions include Ayurvedic massage techniques, which are specially adapted to the needs of pregnant women – techniques that the experienced SPA staff of our wellness hotel for pregnant women have of course mastered. A pleasant and happy lifestyle, light and comfortable clothing, fragrant oils and cooling pearl jewellery help to achieve a harmonious pregnancyaccording to Ayurveda.

Phase 3 of the pregnancy

Warm baths, swimming in warm water and quiet walks relieve body and mind. Individually tailored Ayurvedic treatments, which we offer you all year round during your wellness holiday during pregnancy, prepare both mother and child for a relaxed birth.

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The Mirabell expert tips

Our Aurora SPA team will show you how you can best integrate this special phase of life and enjoy it. We will be happy to advise you on the subject of wellness for pregnant women & babymoons in South Tyrol, and offer advice and practical tips as well as recommendations for treatments.

First to third month of pregnancy

Stimulating full-body treatments and wellness massages should be avoided at the beginning of pregnancy. Instead, treat yourself to relaxing hand and foot treatments.

Fourth month of pregnancy

Tired, puffy eyes with rings? Treat yourself to a nourishing facial treatment that is tailored to your skin type. In combination with an “Eyezone-Treatment” (eye treatment), the twenty-minute treatment works wonders.

Fifth month of pregnancy

Did you know that the pulse can give information about the condition of organs and body processes? Alex, one of our experts, will show you the world of Ayurvedic pulse-tongue diagnosis and/or iris diagnosis.

Another tip: an Abhyanga massage (two-handed), breaks down the body’s own toxins, relaxes both mother and child and prevents stretch marks.

Sixth month of pregnancy

Sleepless nights are over (for now), because an Ayurvedic head and face massage with Shirodhara (oil forehead cast) leads to deep relaxation. This is a particularly popular treatment, which is especially booked by pregnant women as part of spontaneous short holidays or wellness weekends in South Tyrol with us at the Hotel Mirabell in Valdaora.

Seventh month of pregnancy

The best way to strengthen and harmonise the interaction of body, mind and soul is with a Lomi Hapai massage (duration 50 minutes). The holistic treatment method has a beneficial effect on both mother and child.

Eighth month of pregnancy

Selected oils and special massage techniques of the Ayurvedic massage Garbhini increase the general well-being of mother and child and bring harmony to both.

Ninth month of pregnancy

Padabhyanga, an Ayurvedic foot massage, helps to release energy accumulation and emotional blockages. At the same time, it has a regulating effect on the lymphatic system, for heavy, tired and swollen legs and can also be combined very well with a foot pack.