In search of serenity

Carried on the wings of butterflies


It is a millennia-old symbol of immortality, lightness, joie de vivre and transformation. A master of metamorphosis, it transforms from caterpillar, to chrysalis, to radiantly beautiful butterfly. The special magic that surrounds this incredible creature is also reflected in our Mirabell Dolomites Hotel.

And so, the butterfly in the form of the aurora butterfly has become a symbol of our house and inspires all visitors to in their pursuit of serenity and a sense of lightness.

“It is the end of the world”,
said the caterpillar.
“It is only the beginning”,
said the butterfly.
Digression: the masters of metamorphosis

With up to 160,000 different species, butterflies form the largest insect family in the world after beetles. Hundreds of new species are discovered each year. Radiantly colourful, iridescent and seemingly weightless, butterflies flutter from flower to flower. A meadow bathed in the evening glow, an elegant butterfly hovering above it – these are images that touch our soul. But the butterfly is not always so light and free. Rather, it is a master of metamorphosis that must first undergo a long, elaborate and complicated process of development. In this process, it transforms from an egg to a caterpillar. After shedding its skin for the fourth time, the last stage is reached by the caterpillar, which then develops further into a seemingly lifeless cocoon – from which, however, a magnificent butterfly emerges after 14 days.

The butterfly, a power animal

Something new awakens from the old, something beautiful from the inconspicuous.
That is why the butterfly is also considered a special power animal and has been “inspiring” people for thousands of years: in antiquity, for example, it was regarded as a symbol of rebirth; in ancient Greece, the word “psyche” referred to the butterfly and it was believed to be the soul of the dead. The butterfly also found its way into the Christian Church as a sign of immortal life and immortality.

A sense of joy, lightness and transformation – these are the special qualities of this unique power animal. It inspires us to think about what really brings us joy and to pay more attention to seemingly trivial things. Its weightless flight embodies a sense of lightness that invites us to give ourselves weightless wings and to overcome supposed obstacles with new-found light-heartedness.

The Aurora butterfly at the Mirabell

At the Mirabell, the aurora butterfly with its typical golden-orange wing tips is an omnipresent symbol of the sense of lightness, joie de vivre and transformation. The Aurora SPA even bears its name. It embodies the spirit of our house, it stands for what you experience here.

Whether in the various saunas, in the Aurora water world, during our special Aurora Ayurveda treatments or soothing massages. During refreshing activities in nature in the Dolomites. Or while enjoying regional cuisine within the framework of our LOGI method. There are many paths to an increased sense of lightness. We support you in finding the ideal one for you and in following it until you also slip out of your cocoon and discover new perspectives in life.

Sometimes you have to break with the old in order to move forward and feel free. Each of us is in such a cocoon. It is up to us who and what we transform into.

We hope that you feel as liberated and carefree as a butterfly with us!

See you soon at the Mirabell,

Yours, Judith & Michael Agstner
and the lovely Mirabell team