The invisible riches of our time

A hidden treasure


The world is always moving. It changes, reshapes itself, adapts and sometimes even surprises us. And we change with it. Towards constant progress, at a dizzying pace. Technological “miracles”, marvellous innovations and the emerging artificial intelligence – they shape our lives and appear to be the heroes of our day. Higher, further, faster, more.

In the midst of this constant pursuit of growth, there is something that can neither be bought nor replaced. Something that is beyond the grasp of money. You can’t find it in shops, you can’t add it to virtual shopping baskets. Not for sale, yet invaluable. Untouched by the hustle and bustle of progress, they rest deep in our hearts and are the real treasures of our day.

„The most important things in life
cannot be bought. You get them as a gift
when you turn your attention towards them
and recognise their value.“
– Author unknown
Between the lines:
a holiday with depth

Beyond material objects, we find interpersonal gestures of care. These intangible riches reflect the true legacy of humanity: irreplaceable values such as humanity, integrity, respect, mindfulness, fairness, gratitude, friendship, a sense of community and empathy form the foundation and centrepiece of our being.

They are the bridges that connect us and illuminate our moments together. They shape us as people and make not only the world, but also our Mirabell Dolomites Hotel a place where we can feel understood, valued and connected.

Ein Urlaub mit Tiefgang
Moments that touch your heart:
more than just service

If you’re looking for clichés and empty phrases, you’ve come to the wrong place. For us, hospitality is not a service that you pay for, but is a lived and living reality that goes far beyond the standard. Humanity and solidarity are manifested in every gesture, in every smile and in every encounter. Our focus is on forging genuine human connections that go beyond the normal.

Our focus is on people – with all their wishes, feelings and longing for inner balance. The Mirabell philosophy endeavours to offer you a place where you feel free and understood. Everyone can be their true selves, without the pressure of guidelines or rules that often make life difficult. The values of respect and mindfulness do not serve as a superficial façade, but as an honest recognition of your uniqueness. Here you are not viewed as a paying guest, but as a valuable personality who is part of our Mirabell family and enriches our surroundings.

Friendship and solidarity are not artificial, but develop naturally as integral parts of your stay. We create a space where our guests are seen as unique individuals with their own stories, needs and feelings. This experience leaves deep impressions in the heart and creates memories that will last forever.

„When you appreciate
what you have, you realise that
you possess many treasures.“
– Ernst Ferstl
In gratitude:
a declaration of love to our guests

We live in a world where we have the opportunity to visit almost any country. But more and more people are longing for something more than just a place to stay. They look for places where they are not just physically present, but where their souls can come to rest, where words, empathy and a sense of solidarity make a real difference.

We firmly believe that true values cannot be bought. They are gifts that come from sincere appreciation and genuine heartfelt feelings. That’s why we want you to feel like more than just a guest, but as part of our family. We see you not just as visitors, but as companions on a journey creating memories and unforgettable moments. Your presence makes the Mirabell Dolomites Hotel a home full of warmth and friendliness.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the trust you put in us and for the opportunity to make your stay something very special. May our home always be THE place where you feel welcome, understood and loved.

… with that in mind, we would like to wish you a blessed Christmas, surrounded by all your loved ones and those who watch over you as guardian angels.

See you soon, at your home from home. At the Mirabell Dolomites Hotel in Valdaora.

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