20 years of Mirabell: insight and outlook

Milestones, courage and passion

Hotel Mirabell from the outside

It has been 20 years since Judith Agstner took over the Mirabell and went her own way. A path characterised above all by a passion for the hotel industry as well as the courage to take new steps and to be open to new trends and innovations. All of that requires love, time, attention and stamina. Judith Agstner started on this path as a child and even then, her fascination for the hotel industry grew.

Fascination with the hotel industry as a child

You could say that the hotel business is in Judith Agstner’s blood. Her parents, like her great-grandparents were already passionate hosts. It all started in 1946 with the small Hotel Bacher, built by Erna and Hermann Bacher, and was continued by the next generation. Daughter Edith had a second building built in 1968, which was converted into a 3-star hotel called “Hotel Mirabell” in 1972 and developed into a 4-star superior hotel.

During this time, Judith Agstner grew up together with her three siblings. Even back then, she already showed a keen interest in the hotel’s operations and was buzzing around the restaurant and kitchen every minute she had free from school. Her favourite place, however, was the reception: From there she could watch and witness new guests arriving, and with them always new fascinating stories. Her parents always greeted the guests as if they were old friends or acquaintances. They believed that the guests were part of the family for the duration of their holiday. Judith Agstner learned from them what is still important to her today: to be an unbiased, warm and thoughtful hostess.

The year 2000: Judith Agstner takes over the Mirabell

In her childhood, Judith Agstner already wanted to understand all the different processes and connections of a hotel. With so many questions, it is fair to say that she got on her parent´s nerves, as well as employees back then, but that is how she learned. And her desire to complete an apprenticeship as a hotel manager was clear early on. And then finally the time came: Judith Agstner took over the Hotel Mirabell in 2000. Her first step was a big one, because she had the hotel completely renovated into a 4**** Superior Hotel Mirabell Dolomiten Wellness Residenz with 60 rooms and suites. She had recognised the trend in society towards wellness & well-being and knew exactly what she wanted. It was an exciting time and not everything went smoothly, as is often the case in life. But the family was always there to support her, and together they overcome this big change as well.

Summary after 20 years at Mirabell

Even today, Judith Agstner can still rely on the support of her family and always turn to them when she needs some good advice. Her parents are the hidden good and reliable souls of the house, her brother Michael is always there as her right-hand man – and of course her daughter Hannah: after Hannah has completed her exams and apprenticeship years in other companies, she will continue the tradition at Mirabell. So, it’s an exciting journey that keeps on going. There are also changes up to this day, as recently as 2019, with the expansion of the SPA and sauna area. When Judith Agstner looks back today and wants to evaluate her work over the past 20 years, she does so primarily on the basis of one objective and unmistakable parameter, namely the number of “repeat offenders”, or returning guests, the regulars, which is constantly growing. And because this is the case, she can’t have done anything wrong with her self-made guideline, which she has been following for 20 years. And that remains the same: to live for warm, honest and considerate hospitality at the highest level. Every day. For every guest.

20 years of Mirabell: the brochure

20 years ago Judith Agstner took over the Hotel Mirabell. 20 years later she looks back at an exciting journey full of experiences and crossroads, decisions and changes – which have made the Mirabell what it is today: your holiday home for special days in South Tyrol.