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Special applications

Feel good & regain energy

At the Mirabell Dolomites. Luxury. Ayurveda & Spa, we are able, through our team of qualified and certified therapists, to offer applications and special treatments for your wellness holiday in South Tyrol.

Klangschalenmassage im Mirabell Spa Hotel Dolomiten
Hypnose Behandlung im Mirabell Spa Hotel Dolomiten
Klangschalenmassage im Mirabell Spa Hotel Dolomiten


Both as an aid to stop smoking and for losing weight, or as a solution to a mental block - with hypnosis, the attention is turned inwards, feelings are experienced more intensely and unresolved problems can be solved more easily.

How does hypnosis work and how is it done?

The therapist leads you gently into a trance, meaning a changed state of consciousness. It has nothing to do with mysticism, magic or witchcraft but is a condition that everyone has experienced at least once in their everyday lives – a kind of dreaming with the eyes open that can happen during long trips on motorways, while jogging and looking out of the window, without looking at anything in particular and when you dream without thinking.

Under the guide of the hypnotists, focus is turned inward, the imagination increases and the impressions of the outside world are always in the background and seem unimportant. Under hypnosis, the memory is much better than when awake. And often emotions are experienced more intensely. In this state of trance, ways can be found of solving problems and unresolved blocks and eliminate the symptoms.

Entering and exiting a trance is a process completely free of risks and, above all, voluntary, in which the will to do or not to do something is not in any way limited. We expressly disassociate ourselves from hypnosis for entertainment!

Hypnosis at the 5 star Wellness Hotel Mirabell in South Tyrol

Try hypnosis

  • in preparation for a relaxed and painless birth (Easy Birthing)
  • to stop smoking
  • to aid weight loss
  • to improve athletic performances
  • for sleep disorders
  • against migraine
  • to resolve emotional blocks

Hypnosis (duration 45 mins)
Cost: 95 euros

To achieve the desired outcome, 2 or 3 sessions are recommended.

Healthy sleep thanks to hypnotherapy

A good night’s sleep is not guaranteed.Sleeping problems are becoming more widespread, causing tiredness, loss of work performance or depression.Thanks to appropriate individual treatments, including hypnotherapy, it is possible to bring sleep back to a healthy rhythm on holiday at the 5 star wellness hotel in South Tyrol. You will also be given advice on permanently overcoming even long-established sleep disorders.

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