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Immerse yourself in wellness

Feel the force of the water with our special Bad Schartl baths and enjoy complete relaxation with the steam baths. 

The sulphurous and ferruginous water of the curative spring of Schartl emerges 1447 metres from Valdaora and has made Bad Schartl a very popular spa.  The very light and originally very cold water is used in the Bad-Schartl baths.

Our staff will recommend the right bath for your needs in advance.

Paar in Badewanne im Private Spa Bad Schartl - Mirabell Spa Hotel Dolomiten
Handtücher im Aurora Spa - Mirabell 5 Sterne Wellnesshotel Südtirol
Dame in der Badewanne im Mirabell Spa Hotel Dolomiten

Baths of Bad Schartl

Bad-Schartl baths

  • 15 to 20 minute bathing in the tub, the water is enriched with various essences
  • 10-minute neck and shoulder massage
  • Reaction and rest time of 30-45 minutes and a cup of herbal tea in the spa’s relaxation room

Stress Fix Salt Bath

approx. 45 min.€ 63.-

calming with lavender and sage


Rejuvenation bath

approx. 45 min.€ 63.-

This caring bath moisturises the skin and gives pure relaxation.


Detox Base bath

approx. 45 min.€ 63.-

- improved skin circulation
- improved body defence
- desensibilization of hypersensitivity reactions
- purification through salt



Steam bath

Your bath is a steam bath that follows a detailed sequence:

  • Steam bath of 15-20 minutes with various additives of choice, wrapped up in cotton towels
  • 10 minutes shoulder and neck massage
  • Reaction and rest time for 30-45 minutes in the Spa's relaxation room, including herbal tea

Your steam bath will be under the care of one of our expert therapists of the Aurora Spa.

Night Candle Oil Bath

approx. 45 min.€ 63.-

Night Candle Oil Bath - Strengthens the Psyche
In an especially prudent way, valuable and precious oil can be gained from the yellow night candle flower’s semen. It keeps skin, psyche and immune system fit. This multiply unsaturated fatty acid has a really positive, balancing effect on hormonal balance. Night candle oil helps, when all nerves are exposed. Furthermore, this oil is a “first-aid agent” for numerous skin problems like the regulation of cell metabolism and skin elasticity and regeneration.


Southtyrolean Hay Bath

approx. 45 min.€ 63.-

Joints and back aches disappear, the skin is pure, the mind strengthened.« Farmers and farm hands experienced this several hundred years ago, when their place for the night in alpine huts was the hayloft.
Skin Care 
A bath, based upon South Tyrolean tradition with an amazingly relaxing and caring effect on the skin. »After spending a night in hay, the tiredness of the day before is as good as blown away.


Thalasso Baths

approx. 45 min.€ 63.-

Thalasso Baths
Fango Bath – Beauty for your Skin

Fango is pure sea ooze from volcanic origin. It derives from the deep Dead Sea and is ideal for muddy and mushy baths for protecting and revitalizing the skin. The entire body is covered with sea fango and wrapped with a linen cloth, which is first rinsed in a brine solution, and afterwards left to the purifying steam of the bathtub.
The baths stand out through a very detailed sequential scheme. The total duration for the baths is approximately 70 minutes (inclusive of relaxation period) and one of our employees in the Aurora World will monitor the entire treatment.


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