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3 Zinnen in den Dolomiten Südtirol

Holiday in the Dolomites

UNESCO World Heritage site since 2009

As mountain landscapes with unique beauty, the Dolomites are part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. The limestone mountains of North Italy are made up of coral reefs and petrified algae that continue to amaze us with their unique shapes.

The highest mountain of the mountain chain, which belongs to the southern limestone Alps, is the Marmolada with an altitude of 3,342 metres. The Dolomites have massive, imposing peaks like the Three Peaks, the Sella, the Sciliar and the group of the Catinaccio, to mention only a few.

3 Zinnen in den Dolomiten Südtirol
Pragser Wildsee in den Dolomiten in Südtirol
Antholzersee in den Dolomiten Südtirol
Kronplatz Landschaft - Dolomiten Südtirol
3 Zinnen in den Dolomiten Südtirol
Frau sitzt am Ufer der Wackerer Lacke am Fuße des Peitlerkofels in Südtirol

The Dolomites: a unique natural landscape

The alternation of delicate alpine pastures with lush meadows and steep limestone walls makes this region so unique and beloved both by summer and autumn visitors, and in winter by skiers and lovers of winter sports.

Incidentally, the Dolomites take their name from a mineral. In the summer of 1788, the French geologist, Deodat de Dolomieu, discovered an unknown mineral in the region, a bicarbonate, which was named in his honour. The name thereafter became the name of all the imposing mountain chains: the Dolomites, as we know them today.


The view of the three mountains, the Three Peaks of Lavaredo, which rise majestically, one next tothe other, on the horizon in the high Pusteria Valley, is unmistakable. During your holiday on Kronplatz, a walk of around 3 hours will take you round their perimeter to admire the most famous rock formation of the Dolomites, a unique experience in contact with the harmonious majesty of this trio of mountains.

DOLOMITES ADVENTURES - in every season

Explore the Dolomites during hikes, climbs and trips on mountain bikes in the summer - with a splendid view in the golden autumn or in the cold season with skis and snowshoes. Experience the breathtaking panorama of more than 100 peaks at three thousand meters and the countless imposing summits of the mountain ranges of the Dolomites. Crystalline mountain lakes, diversified alpine flora and fauna and dreamlike panoramas allow you experience real moments of happiness during your holidays at the 5 star Mirabell Hotel.

Your holiday at the UNESCO world heritage site in South Tyrol

If you too want to experience the beauty and majesty of the Dolomites and spend a pleasurable holiday at the 5 star Mirabell Dolomites. Luxury. Ayurveda & Spa, we can’t wait to receive your request.