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Family Agstner invites all our lovley guests at 7.00 pm 
to a welcome aperitif at our bar.

Salads from the buffet

Warm starters
Freshly squeezed grape-apple juice
Zucchini cream soup ♦ shrimp in potato crust
Garganelli ♦ pesto Genovese ♦ artichokes ♦ Culatello
Puff pastry strudel “Valdostaner” style ♦ tomato sauce

Meat, Fish and vegetarian dishes
Roasted banta chicken breast ♦ Port wine jus
Pepperoni ♦ “La Ratte” potatoes
Grilled fillet skewers ♦ herb butter
Eggplant tarts ♦ Dauphine potatoes
Gilthead fillet ♦ dried cherry tomatoes ♦ balsamic
Rocket salad risotto
Poached free range egg ♦ nettle ♦ truffle

Fruits and cheese from the buffet

Refreshing Cassis sorbet
Peach parfait ♦ flamed meringue ♦ strawberry espuma
Burnt amaretto cream ♦ vanilla icecream ♦ milk foam