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Family Agstner invites all our guests at 7.00 pm.
for an aperitif in our garden.

Salads from the buffet

WARM starters
Cranberry juice ♦ lemon sorbet
Venetian-style soup ♦ garlic baguette
Fusilli ♦ pesto Genovese ♦ dried tomatoes
Quiche ♦ wild mushrooms ♦ smoked duck breast

Main courses
Hungarian goulash ♦ bacon strips
Bread dumpling
Roasted veal tagliata ♦ rocket salad ♦ parmesan
Baked potatoes
Branzino fillet from grill ♦ carrot oil 
Romanesco cauliflower ♦ cauliflower mash
Potato ravioli ♦ tomato butter ♦ zucchini

Fruits and cheese from the buffet

Sorbet of the guava ♦ white chocolate shot
Banana tiramisu in glass ♦ crispy strudel pastry
South Tyrolean apple-apricot strudel ♦ vanilla sauce