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Golfing holiday with player qualification in South Tyrol

On a pleasurable holiday with 5* player qualification on the golf course

Playing golf with ease: this is the motto of the Mirabell Golf Hotel with its golf course and golf school. Learn how to play golf in the wonderful landscape of Pusteria Valley, with an incredible view of the Dolomites of South Tyrol. At our professional golf school, we teach you the basics of golf, both the theory – from the rules to the etiquette – and the practice on the golf course of the hotel in South Tyrol.

At the 5 star Mirabell hotel in Valdaora in Pusteria Valley, you will experience the highest level of wellness and experiences, as well as the culinary delicacies with a vast range of sporting and recreational activities. The Mirabell with its golf course directly at the hotel offers a complete holiday experience for golfers, for bon viveurs and for the whole family.

Step by step towards the Platzreife – the player qualification

Depending on your knowledge and ability, we offer

  • test courses
  • basic courses
  • courses for player qualification (Platzreife)
  • individual lessons for perfecting technique

Our Golf Pro coaches participants to rapid success and optimises the game of golfers at all levels.  There is a vast selection of courses - from individual lessons to group lessons, from test lesson to player qualification course for all the family.

In the individual lessons, our professional golf coach can engage more intensively with you. We also offer packages of golf lessons for a fantastic golfing holiday in South Tyrol.

4 steps to success in golf at the Mirabell Golf Club

Mirabell Golf Club is the perfect golf club to start to play golf and for those who want to improve their golfing abilities. There are four phases: from the first attempts to gain the player qualification through membership of the Mirabell Golf Club to the handicap.

Phase 1: First approach

Take your first shots.  You’ll experience the fantastic feeling of striking the ball and sending it 60, 70 or 100 metres away for the first time.  Clubs and balls are available at the Mirabell reception, your 5 star Golf Hotel in South Tyrol.  It doesn’t take much effort to enjoy the first taste of success. You'll become a golf enthusiast right away in this first phase.

Phase 2: Player qualification course on holiday

You will sail easily through step 1 and pass directly to the player qualification course on holiday in South Tyrol.  During the golf entry course, which last several days, you will be introduced to the world of golf and you will have the opportunity to learn the theory and practice, the various shots, the rules and etiquette of the game. In this way, beginners will get the chance to improve, as the term “admission to the course” suggests, in other words, they will be sufficiently trained to play golf on the golf course.

Phase 3: Member of the Mirabell Golf Club

With the player qualification (Platzreife), you can register with the Mirabell Golf Club as a member and play on any golf course in the world (the Mirabell Golf Club has been a member of FIG, the association of officially-accredited golf clubs in Italy, since November 2003).  It is vital for a player to be a member of a Golf Club in order to be able to play in other places.

The Mirabell Golf Club also offers beginners an advantage in terms of costs.  No admission fee is charged, as happens with most clubs.

Phase 4: Obtain the handicap

Membership of the Mirabel Golf Club gives you the option of playing with friends on any golf course.  If you want to play on your own, you need a handicap.  For this purpose, it is necessary to take part in a valid golf tournament. The aim is to succeed in staying below a certain number of strokes. This number of strokes is the handicap: if your remain below this limit, you will have reached or improved the handicap.

Your golfing holiday in Valdaora, South Tyrol

Send us your request or book your holiday with golf course in South Tyrol in the 5 star Mirabell Wellness and Golf hotel with its own golf course directly for the best price.