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Happy waiting for a new life – wellness in pregnancy

In the Mirabell hotel in South Tyrol, it is possible to enjoy holidays and wellness during the pregnancy in a family environment. Among other things, our Wellness hotel specialises in the needs of pregnant women and future parents in order to fully enjoy the arrival of a new life during the pregnancy and to be well-prepared for the mother’s happiness and to look to the future positively. A break with wellness and spa for expectant mums and dads!

We also offer a range of personalised wellness treatments on the basis of the specific needs of pregnant women, depending on the course of the pregnancy, as well as the right all-round offer for a relaxing holiday. From the preparation for birth to special packages and offers, you will experience a time of tranquillity at our Wellness hotel for pregnant women in which you will be filled with energy, alone as a future mum or together with your partner.

Schwangere Frau bei Massage - Mirabell Spa Hotel Dolomiten
Schwangere Frau - Mirabell Spa Hotel Dolomiten

Wellness holiday during pregnancy with Ayruveda

The Ayurveda sector at the Mirabell, your Wellness hotel for pregnant women in South Tyrol, already has many years’ experience and numerous marvellous events behind it and supports women at that special moment with a pregnancy accompaniment therapy. Our experts transmit relaxation and wellness so that you, as a future mum, can best tackle the physical and mental demands of mother and child. The time of pregnancy is perhaps the most testing and intense for the expected life. Mother and child are tightly connected emotionally and physically for 9 months through the umbilical cord. During this period, we identify three important phases of the pregnancy when we offer specific advice for your wellness holiday during the wait:

Before pregnancy

The science of Ayurveda pays particular attention to the period before conception, the pregnancy, the birth and also the subsequent phase. Ideally, to give birth to a healthy and intelligent baby, both parents must purify their bodies from the stress due to the accumulation of toxins before conception.

The difficulty in remaining pregnant, according to the Ayurvedic knowledge of the Indians, is caused by an insufficient contribution of nutrients to the reproductive organs, which can prevent pregnancy. In the phase before conception, the cleansing of the organic tissues and their reconstitution takes the utmost priority. When you undergo this depuration procedure, what you eat is fundamental, not only during this phase but also thereafter. In this context, it becomes clear how great a role is played by the nutrition on a wellness holiday during pregnancy – and we at the Hotel Mirabell, the 5 star wellness hotel for pregnant women, are acutely aware of this.

Phase 1 of the pregnancy (weeks 1 – 15 of gestation)

In this phase, the doshas are in turmoil. The menstrual cycle ends, feelings of general malaise, tiredness, shivering and inner restlessness indicate an excess of Vata. In the same way, the typical Vata symptoms may also affect the digestion and there may be a loss of appetite, vomiting and aversion to odours of any kind.  An imbalance of the Kapha leads to heaviness, an increase in salivation and tightness in the chest. An excess of Pitta is seen in the form of irritability and nausea. All the recommendations and advice that we give you in the first phase of the pregnancy, during the wellness course of your wellness holiday, are aimed at balancing Vata and Pitta and avoid warming substances because they may be hazardous to the foetus. Thanks to a great deal of rest, relaxation, balanced physical activities and a diet based on cooling, nutritious and easily digested foodstuffs, mother and child achieve the stability necessary for a good start to the pregnancy. Extreme sports or extreme physical and mental efforts are expressly not recommended.

Phase 2 of the pregnancy (from week 16 of gestation)

The doshas are calmed and all the characteristics are now concentrated on the growth and development of the Dhatu.  This requires a nutritious, reconstituting and potent dietary regime that can deliver to the mother and the child all the necessary nutritious elements. Sudden attacks of hunger and excessive cravings for sweet or sour foods are the typical symptoms of deficiencies, caused by a poor diet or anaemia. In both cases, pomegranates, milk with ginger, herbal preparations, vitamins and mineral supplements are recommended.

Treatments based on fasting must be strictly avoided, as must ayurvedic detoxification treatments. An exception is made for the ayurvedic massage techniques that are specifically designed for the needs of pregnant women – techniques that the expert staff of our wellness hotel for pregnant women know to perfection.

Generally: the woman must enjoy a pleasurable and happy lifestyle, wear bright, beautiful clothes, embossed jewellery such as pearls (which exert a cooling action) and use aromatic oils in the daily treatment of her body.

The third phase of pregnancy

Warm baths, swimming in warm water and peaceful walks soothe the body and the psyche. The personalised ayurvedic treatments that we offer all year round during the wellness in pregnancy holiday prepare mother and child for a relaxed birth.

Recommendations from our experts on wellness and pregnancy

In this special phase of your life, turn to our expert team at Aurora Spa: we will be happy to advise you during the wellness holiday for pregnant women with concrete recommendations and suggestions on the most suitable treatments. 

1st – 3rd Month of pregnancy

At the start of the pregnancy, it would be preferable to abstain from treatments and complete wellness massages that stimulate the body and instead enjoy relaxing treatments for the hands and feet.

Pedicure & Manicure

4th month of pregnancy

A nourishing face treatment specifically for the type of skin can be combined with Eyezone Treatment (eye treatment).  Helps tired, swollen eyes and rings (duration of around 20 minutes).

Treatment for the face

5th month of pregnancy

You will receive consultancy from Alex, one of our experts for the wellness in pregnancy holidays with Ayurveda: for example: the Ayurvedic examination of the tongue and wrists and/or diagnosis of the iris. Thanks to the advice and treatments that you will receive directly in our wellness hotel for women in pregnancy, we seek to maintain or restore physical and mental equilibrium, which is very important during pregnancy.

Our recommendation: Two-handed Abhyanga Massage, removes the toxins in the body, relaxes the mother and child and prevents stretch marks.

Ayurvedic treatments

6th month of pregnancy

Ayurvedic massage for the head and face with Shirodhara (jet on forehead with oil) leads to deep relaxation and helps in the case of insomnia.  A particularly popular application that is in great demand among pregnant women staying with us at the Hotel Mirabell in Valdaora, in particular in the case of short spontaneous holidays or a wellness weekend in South Tyrol.

7th month of pregnancy

Lomi Hapai massage (duration of 50 min.) This is a holistic treatment method that relaxes the body and the mind of mother and child and bestows equilibrium and harmony.


8th month of pregnancy

Ayurvedic massage for the Garbhinin pregnancy:
Through the special massage technique with selected oils, the body is strengthened.  The careful, harmonious movements increase the general wellness of mother and child.

9th month of pregnancy

The Padabhyanga (Ayurvedic massage of the feet) dissolves energy and emotional blocks, regulates the lymphatic system, can be combined with great benefits with a foot pack, perfect in the case of heavy, tired and swollen extremities.

Specials for pregnant women

Lomi Hapai

approx. 50 min.€ 88.-


approx. 50 min.€ 88.-

Your holiday at the Hotel Mirabell

Enjoy a holiday of wellness during pregnancy at the 5 star Mirabell hotel in Valdaora at Kronplatz.  Request your preferred date or book an attractive offer for the holidays of expectant mothers and fathers directly online.  We can’t wait to see you.

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