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Hotel with pool in the Dolomites

Aurora Acqua - world of water at the Hotel Mirabell

Immerse yourself in the world of water and baths at Mirabell “Aurora Acqua” in the 5 star Hotel Dolomites. Luxury. Ayurveda & Spa. With the magnificent panorama of the Dolomites in the background, our world of baths invites you to feel completely alive. 

indoor and outdoor swimming pool with a view of the Dolomites

Slide gently from the indoor swimming pool to the heated outdoor swimming pool and admire the panorama of the nearby peaks of the Dolomites as you swim. Be transported and breathe the pure mountain air of South Tyrol in our 5 star wellness hotel in South Tyrol.

Hallenbad im 5 Sterne Wellnesshotel Südtirol - Mirabell
Hallenbad im 5 Sterne Wellnesshotel Südtirol - Mirabell
Indoor swimming pool 5 stars Wellnesshotel Southtyrol - Mirabell
Panoramaansicht Pool und Hotelanlage bei Nacht - Mirabell 5 Sterne Wellnesshotel Südtirol

Swimming pool equipment

For the pleasure of the body and mind and for the fun of the baths in our hotel with our indoor and chlorine-free outdoor swimming pools, we offer the following services:

  • ozone water swimming pool (indoor; chlorine-free)
  • ozone water swimming pool (outdoor; chlorine-free)
  • pleasurable water temperature (31°C)
  • view of the Dolomites of Valdaora
  • massage/jacuzzi station
  • (Jacuzzi in the indoor and outdoor swimming pool)
  • connection
  • garden with lawn
  • loungers for relaxing in the indoor swimming pool and the garden

The Garden Paradise in Mirabell

Breathe freely, let go, feel at ease. Feel the gentle touch of the refreshing mountain air. Nature all around. The green of the meadows. The sparkling blue of the pool. In the garden paradise in Mirabell, there is only the now. To truly feel in touch with yourself, dreaming away on a sun lounger, diving into the refreshing water in the pool and knowing: Here I am. Here I can be. 

A place for the senses

The garden paradise in Mirabell awaits guests with natural charm beneath blue skies and a bright sun. On the individually arranged deckchairs you can breathe freely, without having to feel bothered by other guests. The splendour of the Dolomites inspiring all around. Pleasant temperatures caressing the skin. And should it get too warm anyhow, a dive into the clear water of the pool is sure to refresh body and mind. An idyllic place, secluded from the everyday world. Only peace and serenity. 

Sparkling Bliss: The Whirlpool in Mirabell

Warm, bubbly water envelops the body. Almost weightlessly you immerse yourself in it. Immediately feeling how all tension subsides and the daily grind recedes into the distance. In the whirlpool in Mirabell, there's finally time to dream and relax. The sparkling water has a healing effect, relieves any physical and mental stress and leads to new lightness.

Bubbly source of health

The warm, bubbly water of the whirlpool (a constant 36 degrees), unfolds its very own health-promoting effect: Like a massage it relieves tension and promotes blood circulation in the skin. Here you dive in – and let go of everything that burdens you. Automatically you'll breathe deeper and gradually slip into holistic relaxation... Our whirlpool can accommodate eight persons.

Our recommendation

Beneficial and effective for joints, the Acqua Fit Training is part of the weekly activities programme – for greater fitness and wellness on holiday.

your 5 star luxury holiday in the Dolomites

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