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Aurora Sauna

Reinvigorating world of the saunas in the Hotel Mirabell

The new world of the Mirabell saunas in the 5 star wellness hotel in South Tyrol is a place where you can slow down the pace and relax. Feel the warmth on your skin and let the mind and body come to a pause. In the elegant atmosphere of wellness of the Aurora Sauna World, you will rest and relax and feel the lightness of the Aurora Butterfly.

Aurora Sauna – a place of rest and relaxation

Enjoy some time for yourself in Aurora Sauna World. Discover the nude saunas and steam baths and then relax in the spacious relaxation zones or in the garden of the Wellness Hotel Mirabell. 

Couple in the steam bath 5 stars Wellnesshotel South Tyrol - Mirabell
Schlafraum "Silent" im Mirabell 5 Sterne Wellnesshotel Südtirol
Paar beim Entspannen in der Lounge des 5 Sterne Wellnesshotel Südtirol - Mirabell
Paar in der finnischen Sauna im Mirabell 5 Sterne Wellnesshotel Südtirol
Schlafraum "Silent" im Mirabell 5 Sterne Wellnesshotel Südtirol

Aurora Sauna

A. Lounge
B. Herbal sauna
C. Steam bath
D. Finnish sauna
E. Outdoor “Stube” sauna
F. Relaxation room
G. “Silent” rest room
H. Kneipp Corner
I. Cascade shower
J. Jacuzzi
K. Cold water pool
L. Shower
M. Lounge

Aurora Sauna Plan Download [PDF]

What awaits you in the Aurora Sauna World

Experience the interaction of warmth and freshness and create free space for the mind and body - this is what Aurora Sauna World offers:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Herbal sauna
  • Aromatic steam bath
  • Large sauna "Stube" in the outdoor area
  • Waterfall shower
  • Kneipp foot bath
  • Jacuzzi
  • Cold water pool
  • Relaxation areas:
    Communication room for a break with relaxing herbal teas
    comfortable loungers in the relaxation room
    Comfortable beds in the South Tyrol Alpine style
    Silent: sleepingroom
    Lounge with fireplace
  • Outdoor area in the Mirabell garden

Dress-on sauna & children

The sauna environment is a nude (no bathing costumes) room and is accessible only to those over 14 years. For people in bathing costumes and for families with children, we offer a special non-nude sauna in the Aurora Acqua area (Finnish sauna and steam bath) away from the nude area - please book in good time at reception so that the sauna can be activated.

Our recommendation

Enjoy a variety of steam jets and special peelings as part of the weekly activities programme in the saunas and steam room of Aurora Sauna World.

Sauna with pourings in Mirabell

An oven in the centre. Surrounded by plenty of space for up to 40 persons. In the sauna with pourings in Mirabell, you'll find invigorating heat to relax - to strengthen your body and free it of stress and other burdens. The pourings on hot stones momentarily increase air humidity, which boosts the sweating effect and contributes even more to deep relaxation and cleansing. Feel the relieving effect and sense how new energy returns to your body. 

Opening times and Suggestions

Aurora Sauna World (nude area)
every day from midday to 7.30 p.m.

Non-nude Sauna
in the Aurora Acqua area – for booking (please contact reception up to 1 p.m.)
A spa bag with fluffy sauna towels, soft bathrobe and flip-flops is available for the entire duration of your stay in your room.

Book your relaxation in the South Tyrol Dolomites

You can book your holiday in the 5 star Wellness Hotel Mirabell in Valdaora at Kronplatz directly online here at the best price and enjoy moments of happiness for the body and spirit.