Menu, 24/02/2018

Salads from the buffet

Cold starters
Tuna tartare ♦ mango ♦ brioche
Rabbit fillet with rosemary ♦ aubergine cream ♦ balsamic
Gorgonzola tureen ♦ truffle honey ♦ braised radicchio

Warm starters
Tropical fruit smoothie
Double consommé ♦ pressed dumpling ♦ chives
Lasagne bolognese style ♦ herbs oil
Black squid noodles ♦ octopus ♦ crafish ♦ courgettes

Main courses
Veal piccata ♦ lemon sauce ♦ parsley
Carrots Vichy ♦ Lyonnaise potato

Roasted venison saddle ♦ pumpkin seeds pesto
Winter vegetables ♦ potato balls with cranberries

Angler-fish in raw ham ♦ Champagne foam
Rocket salad risotto

Egg-vegetable omelette ♦ Bio camembert

Cheese and fruits from the buffet


Oven baked yeast dumplings, apple fritters and krapfen
at our show kitchen
…served by our Pâtissier Manuel