From the first swing to Tiger Woods

The Golf Club Mirabell at the Golf Hotel in Valdaora

The Golf Club Mirabell is the ideal place to start to play golf, to easily learn this sport and improve your ability step to step, in a very convivial atmosphere. Training is broken down into 4 stages: first attempts, qualifying to play on the course, membership of the Golf Club Mirabell and gaining a handicap.

Stage 1: The first swings

For clubs and balls, ask directly at reception of the Hotel Mirabell, which runs the golf course in Plan de Corones. You'll see what a thrill it is to send the ball for 60, 70 or even 100 metres into the distance. It doesn't take much effort to enjoy the first taste of success. Only golf can create such enthusiasm in this first stage and it will be hard not to sign up for the next course in order to qualify to play on the course at the Golf Club Mirabell.

Stage 2: Course in order to qualify to play on the course

You will sail easily through stage 1 and pass directly to the course to qualify to play in the golf course. During the course-entry course, which last several days, you will be introduced to the world of golf and you will have much to learn about the theory and practice, the various swings, the rules and etiquette of the game. In this way, beginners get the chance to improve, as the term "admission to the course" suggests, in other words, they will be fit to play golf on the golf course.

Stage 3: Member of the Golf Club Mirabell

Once stage 2 is passed, you will have the requirements necessary to become a member of the Golf Club Mirabell. As a member, you can play on all the golf courses in the world (since November, 2003, Golf Club Mirabell has been affiliated to the Italian Golf Federation (FIG)). For your information, be aware that the following rule generally applies: every player must be a member of a Golf Club to be able to access another golf course.

Golf Club Mirabell offers beginners one big advantage on price. Unlike most other Golf Clubs, no entrance fee is charged.


  • First Registration
380 Euro + 100 Euro Italian Golf Federation (FIG) card
  • Associate member for guests of the Dolomiten Wellness Residenz Mirabell:
190 Euro + 100 Euro Italian Golf Federation (FIG) card
  • Second circle member (already registered with a Golf Federation)
  • Youth membership (up to 18 years)
50 Euro + 20 Euro Italian Golf Federation (FIG) card
  • Student membership (up to 24 years)
80 Euro + 100 Euro Italian Golf Federation (FIG) card
  • Associate Partner Membership (for 2 people with the same home address)
290 Euro + 200 Euro Italian Golf Federation (FIG) card

Membership refers to a calendar year, any cancellation must be made in writing before the end of the year.

Stage 4: The handicap

As a member of the Golf Club Mirabell, you can play with your friends on any golf course. If you want to play on your own, you will need a Handicap, which you obtain by taking part in a golf tournament. The aim is to succeed in staying below a certain number of strokes. This number of strokes is the handicap: if you remain below this limit, you will have reached or improved the handicap.

Requirements for play

Qualification to play on the course and membership of an international golf association are mandatory requirements to use the golf course at the Mirabell. Those taking part in our courses in golf are obviously exempt, since they can use the course.

Golf tournaments

Play with passion and take part in the following tournaments.

  • Pallinata – Golf Club Mirabell: every saturday