Spa Offers

South Tyrolean nature, ¾ board, treatments for body and spirit and our Spa packages offer the ideal holiday for all the senses.


  • Climacterium and Ayurveda

Climacterium and Ayurveda

Natural medicine, in general, and Ayurveda in particular, can alleviate many of these disturbances thanks to diet, treatments and vegetal preparations.

Our Ayurveda department is at your complete disposal for consultation and personalised treatments.
Minimum Duration of Stay: 5 Nights
€ 556,--
  • Classic treatments for 2

Classic treatments for 2

Whether you’ve just fallen in love, are married or just friends… enjoy these treatments for two immersed in an exciting atmosphere of wellness, treating yourself to beneficial treatments.
€ 267,--

Vitality for the body and the spirit

... for those who have remained young - 50+
Ayurveda defines life after 55 as the “VATA” (wind-ether) age, meaning the period of change. Each of us experiences this period of life in a different way. That’s why we propose a personalised package:
Minimum Duration of Stay: 3 Nights
€ 472,--

Aurora Wing Stroke

- Body polish (peeling and relaxation massage)
- Milk Bath
- Face and décolleté treatment
€ 198,--

Beauty day for the attractive man

- Facial treatment
- Pedicure
- Hay bath
- Full-body massage
€ 213,--

AVEDA Sunbeam

- Elemental Nature Facial
- AVEDA reflexology foot massage
- AVEDA scalp massage
- Pedicure
€ 178,--

Aveda Relaxation Package

- Elemental Nature Facial (approx. 90 Min.)
-AVEDA body massage
-AVEDA eye contour treatment
-Individual face acupressure-point massage and then herbal mask tuned to your skin type
-AVEDA aromatic steam bath
- AVEDA scalp massage
€ 283,--
  • 4 Cuddle Days

4 Cuddle Days

- La Culla
- Night candle oil bath
- AVEDA body massage
- Hydrotherm Massage
€ 346,--

Fit and Fun

- Hydrotherm Massage
- Lymphdrainage
- full-body massage
- hay bath
- fango bath
€ 288,--

Fountain of Youth

- 1 Elemental Nature Facial
- 1 Green Science facial treatment
- 1 eye zone treatment
- 1 Caribbean Body Treatment
€ 309,--