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Healing & revitalising

Water is life and the Schartl spring, that originates 1,447 metres above Valdaora exercises a beneficial and curative action. The water from this spring is used in our baths of Bad Schartl because of its excellent properties: it is light and very cold and contains sulphur and iron. At the same time, pamper yourselves with our Vitalis baths and let yourself go completely and achieve total relaxation.

The baths of Bad Schartl

Until the middle of the last century, Bad Schartl was a very popular spa. At the Dolomiten Wellness Residenz Mirabell, it is possible to benefit from the curative powers of the thermal waters of Bad Schartl with the comfort and luxury of modern baths. Our staff are at your disposal to advise you on which bath is most suitable for you.

Get rid of tension at the Baths of Bad Schartl:

  1. 15 to 20 minutes in the bath tub, filled with water enriched with various essences
  2. 15 minutes' massage of the neck and shoulders
  3. Reaction and rest period of 30-45 minutes and a cup of herbal tea in the Relaxation Room of the Ayurveda Pavillion.
Baths of Bad Schartl

Vitalis Baths of Mirabell

Our Vitalis bath is, in fact, a sequence of steam baths and other treatments, which stand out for their intensity and variety:
  1. Kneipp footbath to stimulate the circulation
  2. Hot shower to open the pores
  3. 15-20 minutes of steam bath, with various add-ons of choice, wrapped in natural cotton towels
  4. About 10 minutes of massage to the neck and shoulders
  5. About 30-45 minutes of "reaction" and relaxation with a cup of herbal tea to improve renal function in the relaxation room of the Ayurveda Pavillon

Our Vitalis Bath is constantly supervised by our Aurora Spa staff.

Vitalis Baths