Aurora Spa in the Wellness hotel in Valdaora

Harmony fo Body and Spirit

Being at one with yourself and being full of harmony, satisfaction amd wellness, this is our wish for you. The Aurora butterfly, which gives its name to the special Wellness and Beauty of our Wellness Hotel in Valdaora, flaps its wings in harmony with nature: this marvellous butterfly flies through the clear air of its realm in the Dolomites.

This is the carefree feeling of lightness that we want to convey in our Aurora Spa.

Wellness with heat and water

Just as the sun brings the day to life, shining its warm rays on mountains and valleys, and the mountain water refreshes nature, so, in the same marvellous way, our Aquatic World and Saunas will reward you with wellbeing. In the wellness hotel in Plan de Corones, you will feel the forces that reactivate your body thanks to the movement in water. This is why there is an indoor swimming pool at your disposal that is connected to an outdoor pool surrounded by Mirabell's harmonious garden amidst the uncontaminated nature all around. The pleasurable warmth of the 6 different saunas and steam baths together with the rest stages convey a wonderful feeling of detachment and relaxation during your wellness holiday in Valdaora.

Total health

The concept of wellness at Mirabell is even deeper. With the consultancy of our experts and thanks to our excellent treatments, we want to restore your physical and mental balance during your wellness holiday in Plan de Corones. To improve the quality of life of our guests we use pain therapies, energy massages, special treatments and applications in the Ayurvedic sphere. This unique offer for a wellness holiday in Valdaora brings together the relaxing climate of our Alpine territory with the ancient teachings of India.

Feeling wonderful inside and out

The tips of the orange wings of the Aurora butterfly bring to mind the beauty of a goddess. And it is precisely as a godess thta we would like to pamper you individually in our wellness hotel in Plan de Corones with our beauty & body treatments, tailor made for you. That's why we use quality products. We want to fulfill your every desire for your wellnes holiday in Valdaora and reward you with awareness of your physiscal and spiritual beauty. You will be so happy that after your holiday at the Dolomiten Wellness Residenz Mirabell you will "flutter" back home as carefree and happy as the butterfly that gave its name to our Aurora Spa.


  • Classic treatments for 2

Classic treatments for 2

Whether you’ve just fallen in love, are married or just friends… enjoy these treatments for two immersed in an exciting atmosphere of wellness, treating yourself to beneficial treatments.
€ 269,--
  • Energy for 2

Energy for 2

Whether you’ve just fallen in love, are married or just friends… enjoy these treatments for two immersed in an exciting atmosphere of wellness, treating yourself to beneficial treatments.
€ 232,--

Aurora Wing Stroke

- Body polish (peeling and relaxation massage)
- Milk Bath
- Face and décolleté treatment
€ 199,--

Beauty day for the man

- Facial treatment
- Pedicure
- Manicure
- Full-body massage
€ 203,--

AVEDA Sunbeam

- Elemental Nature Facial
- AVEDA reflexology foot massage
- AVEDA scalp massage
- Pedicure
€ 187,--

Aveda Relaxation Package

- Elemental Nature Facial (approx. 90 Min.)
-AVEDA body massage
-AVEDA eye contour treatment
-Individual face acupressure-point massage and then herbal mask tuned to your skin type
-AVEDA aromatic steam bath
- AVEDA scalp massage
€ 310,--
  • 4 Cuddle Days

4 Cuddle Days

- La Culla
- Night candle oil bath
- AVEDA body massage
- Hydrotherm Massage
€ 353,--

Fountain of Youth

- 1 Elemental Nature Facial
- 1 Green Science facial treatment
- 1 eye zone treatment
- 1 Caribbean Body Treatment
€ 310,--


- 1 massaggio Chackra Balancing
- 1 massaggio Vital Stone
- 1 massaggio aroma stress fix
€ 240,--
  • Climacterium and Ayurveda

Climacterium and Ayurveda

Natural medicine, in general, and Ayurveda in particular, can alleviate many of these disturbances thanks to diet, treatments and vegetal preparations.

Our Ayurveda department is at your complete disposal for consultation and personalised treatments.
Minimum Duration of Stay: 5 Nights
€ 556,--

Vitality for the body and the spirit

... for those who have remained young - 50+
Ayurveda defines life after 55 as the “VATA” (wind-ether) age, meaning the period of change. Each of us experiences this period of life in a different way. That’s why we propose a personalised package:
Minimum Duration of Stay: 3 Nights
€ 472,--