Even on deep snow

When Val Pusteria puts on her white dress, you must wear the right shoes for the occasion..... Special snowshoes attached to normal trekking boots will ensure the best grip on snow and ice. In this way, it will be easy for you to walk even in the high, fresh snow typical of our marvellous winter landscape.

Snowshoes and sticks can be hired directly at the hotel.

Excursion with snowshoes

Depart on a snowshoe hike accompanied by our excursion guide at the Mirabell or strike out on your own on snowshoes for a totally independent tour.

At Valdaora, there are various routes with journey times of up to 1,5 hours. Our guides are at your complete disposal for advice and also offer a 2 hour tour every week for learners or for practising.

Longer excursions with snowshoes

It is possible to extend the pleasure of walking through the snow on snowshoes with longer tours in the heart of Puster Valley. We have a host of reccomendations and advice for you, for example, a simple tour of Prato Piazza to Monte Specie with breathtaking views of the Three Peaks and a panoramic tour of Mount Luta (2,145 m) and the Taistner Alpine Hut, with the option of a fun descent in a toboggan.

We are at your disposal for information on other routes on snowshoes.