Movement with the lightness of the Aurora butterfly

Fitness in Valdaora in Val Pusteria

After a week or even only a few days of fitness at the Mirabell, you will feel as light as a butterfly with a restored psychological and physical balance.

Our guest find different rooms for sport and fitness: an aerobic room and a new fitness room on ground floor with daylight

Our fitness instructor Tiziano is a graduate instructor in sport & fitness. And that's not all : the exercises Tiziano will show you can be continued at home in your daily life without any problems. In this way, you will feel as light and relaxed as you were on holiday.

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Fitness offers at the Mirabell

Participation in our fitness programmes is free of charge. Our fitness programme offers:

  • Stretching: stretching reduces muscular tension and promotes flexibility, mobility and sensitivity to movement. Regular stretching also helps prevent or correct bad posture. Only those who do stretching regularly avoid muscle shortening.
  • Bodystyling: the term Bodystyling means muscle training aimed at the upper part of the body, the abdomen, legs and buttocks.
  • Maintenance exercises: an erect, aware posture exerts a positive influence on the surrounding environment as compared to a curved, insecure one. Walking in an upright position, a harmonious balance of the body and the joints become adomments for the physique that make it more beautiful. Before strengthening the muscles of the body, it is important to remove musculare tension and unblock the joints because these lead to limited mobility.
  • Water gym
  • Pilates
  • Fascial Fitness
  • Slackline