Dolomites & Plan de Corones

A splendid holiday in Valdaora

How much beauty can there be on the horizon? During your holidays in Plan de Corones, turn around slowly and look about you. If you are in the right position, your gaze will take in, starting from the north: the white splendour of the glaciers of the main Alpine chain, the intense green of Puster Valley, the unmistakable outline of the Plan de Crones and the imposing Dolomites to the south.

Valdaora, located 1,048 metres above sea level, is a marvellous spot for trekking, mountain biking and horse riding. From the Dolomiten Wellness Residenz Mirabell , your gaze can explore the Dolomites and the valleys that surround them: Valle Aurina, Valle di Anterselva, Val Casies, Valle di Braies, Val Badia and Val di Sesto.

Breathtaking Dolomites

The Dolomites are among the most beautiful landascapes in the world and, for this reason, have been designated World Heritage by UNESCO. The limestone mountains of North Italy are made up of coral reefs and petrified algae hat emerged from the sea millions of years ago and, even today, continue to amaze us with their unique shapes.

It is not a coincidence that their name derives from a mineral. In the summer of 1788, the French scholar, Deodat de Dolomieu, discovered an unknown mineral in the region, which was named in his honour. This name later came to define the entire imposing mountain chain of the Dolomites as we know them today.

Paradise in Val Pusteria

Val Pusteria - which extends from the river Mühlbach (Rio di Pusteria) to Lienz – is a place one always wants to return to, thanks to its beautiful nature and the wealth of provisions for tourists, including natural, historic, artistic and cultural treasures, and so much more. Summer and winter, your holiday in Valdaora in Puster Valley offers walking and skiing excursions in an idyllic environment.

In Val Pusteria - a holiday paradise, the most beautiful eastern part of Alto Adige - in addition to nature and numerous museums and castles, there's much more to discover, for example, the Messner Mountain Museum RIPA in Brunico, the Ethnographic Museum of Teodone, the Mining Museum of Predoi, Tures Castle in Valle Aurina and the Ladin Museum.

Three Peaks in Lavaredo

The unmistakable spectacle of the three mountains, the Three Peaks of Lavaredo, rising majestically, one next to the other, on the horizon in the high Val Pusteria. During your holiday in Valdaora, a walk of around 3 hours will take you all around their base and you will be able to admire the most famous rock formation of the Dolomites, an experience not to be missed, in contact with the harmonious majesty of this trio of mountains.

Beauty in Plan de Corones

During your holiday in Valdaora in the tourist paradise of Plan de Corones, a dense network of hiking trails will allow you to experience wonderful excursions in the Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park, in the Vedrette of Ries-Aurina and the Dolomites of Sesto and Braies. Our holiday location is also the ideal point of departure for wonderful bicycle trips in Val Pusteria or in the Dolomites.

In winter, the Plan de Corones, one of Italy's most beautiful skiing resorts, attracts many fans of holidays on the snow in Valdaora. The skiing area of Plan de Corones is very well equipped and advanced, with 32 modern ski lifts and more than 100 km of pistes, perfectly prepared for winter sports. The summit of Plan de Corones is 2,275 metres above sea level and just a stone's throw from the Mirabell.